Vision: To actively participate and realize the establishment of a united, genuinely democratic and prosperous Ethiopia.

Mission: TIBIBIR, the consortium of Ethiopian CSOs is a global strategic collaboration for the protection and promotion of human and democratic rights in Ethiopia as well as supporting the formulation of an appropriate policy and a socio-economic development strategy to lift the Ethiopian people from the current depths of abject poverty.

Goals: Members of the consortium, representing diverse civic organizations and individuals have formed a strategic alliance for the purposes of addressing and promoting the following objectives that each has commonly articulated in their mission statements:

  1. to advance and foster civic engagement, patriotism, and democratic institution building to empower Ethiopians in establishing an accountable democracy and strengthening the rule of law and protection of human rights in Ethiopia;
  2. to advocate effectively for the causes of freedom, democracy and human rights to foreign policy makers, legislators, Human rights, organizations, foreign policy think tanks, and other relevant entities;
  3. to promote accountability for human rights violations, and
  4. to support policies necessary to advance freedom, democracy, human rights and appropriate socio-economic development in Ethiopia;
  5. to create mechanisms to educate and broaden understanding of human rights in the Ethiopian community;
  6. to promote dialogue and consultations on democratic development and human rights;
  7. to raise public awareness globally by closely monitoring the human rights situation in Ethiopia and applying effective mechanisms for collaborating with international CSO’s and such institutions which have special interests in human rights, and the rule of law; and
  8. to provide a clearinghouse for information and materials.

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