TIBIBIR Member Assn.

Afar Human Rights Organization
Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia
Association of Wolayta and Allies in North America (AWANA)
Border Affairs Committee
Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW)
Ethiopian American Council
Ethiopian Dialogue Forum
Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America
Ethiopian Hibret
Ethiopiawinnet: Council for the Defense of Citizen Rights
FirstHijerah Foundation
GashaLe Ethiopia
Global Alliance for the Right of Ethiopians
International Ethiopian Youth Union
One Ethiopia Movement
Solidarity Movement for a new Ethiopia
The Legitimate Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOTC)
United Ethiopian Muslim Movement
United Former Ethiopian Airforce Association
Vision Ethiopia
Visionary Youth Association

Public Relations (PR) is part of TIBIBIR’s overall marketing and communications function. It is critical in helping to engage TIBIBIR’s diverse publics across media platforms including third party and social media. PR has an obligation to protect the organization’s reputation and provide crisis management where necessary.

PR plays a critical role in information management that also includes opinion polling, advertising and mass marketing. They work out of the public view for the interests of the public, government and business.

The function of PR is real to Ethiopians more than ever before. Ethiopia is currently grappling with vices and menaces such as ethnic conflicts, corruption, bad governance and insecurity which have deteriorated the stability of the country, scared away investors and private developers, and threatened the socioeconomic fabrics that hold Ethiopia together.

PR is an integral part in the development of democracy and democratic principles and works through public campaigns, lobbying, public participation, and image building among others.

PR is also concerned with the effect of public policies, actions and legislation on Ethiopians.

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